Example programs, examples/ΒΆ

Aery32 Framework comes with plenty of example programs, which are placed under the examples/ directory. Every file is an independent program that does not need other files to work. So it should work out of box if you just replace the default main.cpp with the example.

To test, for example, the LED toggling demo open the Command Prompt and command:

cp examples\toggle_led.cpp main.cpp
make programs

The following lines of commands overwrite the present main.cpp file from the project root with the example, compiles the project and uploads the new binary to the development board. The program starts running immediately.


The quickest way to access Command Prompt in Windows is to press Windows-key and R (Win+R) at the same time, and type cmd.


You are free to remove the examples/ directory from your project if you don’t need it.

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